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About ZGM

Zion Gospel Ministry is a church that believes in Father, Son and Holy Spirit and loves God and people. We have a heart marching forward on the dream of God that he meant for this church with more passionate, and we are on a mission to see God’s kingdom established across Tamil Nadu.

This ministry was started as a small in-house prayer with tracks ministry as well. But now it comprises of Gospel meetings, pastors’ meetings, awareness programmes, constructing churches, children ministries and grown-up very well .We thankfully praise God as it has been almost thirty years plus since we started His ministry! This ministry started with and grew up by His plans, and so on. It has grown a lot because of the leading of the God and his movements in our ministry.

It is our charge to equip the church with timely, relevant, practical, and exceptionally awesome content focused on His guidance.

We are passionate about bringing good news to our local areas, effectively fulfil the mission that we have.

Welcome to ZGM. We’re glad you’re here.

Pr. Abraham

Pr.Abraham was born in Chennai at Choolaimedu and grown as a pastor’s son in Arumbakkam, Ashok Nagar. He had completed theology studies at his young age. On June 1992, He dedicated his life for full time ministry. Before 1985, none has accepted Christ as their saviour in this area and it was filled with idol worships, wickedness and served as a place for liquor selling. As God had given his parents the burden for souls dwelling in this place, they started the ministry as a small prayer meeting though they faced several troubles and oppositions. But after sometimes, as God started revealing his miracle, people believed in Christ and got saved. In 1987 this ministry had been established as Zion gospel ministry church and In 1992 Ps.S.Abraham had dedicated himself for the full time ministry.

In 1995, as the church was filled with the believers the boundaries of our church was extended and in 2002, the boundaries got further extended by God’s grace. Now God blessed our church with 150 families and some more believers and we are glorifying his name.

Because of shortage in space now we are conducting two services in our church and our church believers are praying continuously to build a church in a bigger size than the present one. Through this ministry we built 10 branch churches in unreached areas.

God has kept our pastor as a blessing for many pastors. He is also doing the ministry of God in various uncivilized villages and glorifying God’s name. Let us thank our Almighty God with all our hearts for his wonderful works in our ministry. Our lord is great and he will do great things Amen.

Zion gospel ministry was founded by Pr.Yowan & Sis.Sornam Yowan. Pr.Yowan alias Sundaram was born in Kerala as second son to Mr James & Mrs kamalammal. As he lost his father at his childhood his family suffered a lot because of poverty and their family started moving to different regions. Finally Pr.Yowan moved towards Chennai and did several works. He also worked in film industry for few days. On the other hand Sis.Sornam Yowan was born in Nagercoil & grown in her relative’s house in Chennai because of her family situation.

Then according to the will of God they got married and started living in Chennai. After some time they bought a small piece of land in Arumbakkam by the grace of God & started fasting prayers, prayer meetings according to God’s guidance in that place. In 1987 this ministry was raised as Zion gospel ministry.

God had blessed this couple with 3 kids. Unfortunately they lost their elder son at the age of 25. Later on, they pledged their second son to full time ministry and he too glorifying the name of God by committing himself completely & fulfilling God’s will truly & honestly. They arranged the marriage of their only daughter with a good spiritual family and now she is also doing God’s ministry in part time.

In 1995 they assigned their son S.Abraham as complete incharge of the ministry and Pr.S.Abraham has been fulfilling the ministry according to the will of God for past 25 years.

Our Vision and Mission

Build churches in new places

Support missionaries

Help the poor and the needy

Encourage fellowship among young pastors

Coordinate Pastors

Arrange Senior Pastors meeting at all the districts

Bring coordination and encouragement among women pastors

Announce God's word through social media

Share the Gospel among People who are not aware of christ

Support the helpless and elderly people

Bring the knowledge about God to young children

Biblical Foundation :

“Therefore go make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you, always, to the end of the age” (Matthew 28:19-20 NIV).
  • Zion Gospel Ministry
  •   81/1A, Ashoka Nagar,
         M M D A Colony, Arumbakkam
         Chennai - 600 106
  •   +91 91766 22023 / +91 94442 73169
  •   ziongospelministry@gmail.com

About ZGM

Zion Gospel Ministry is a church that believes in Father, Son, and Holy Spirit and loves God and people. We have a heart for going forward in the dream of God that he meant for this church with more passionate, and are on a mission to see God’s kingdom established across the Tamil Nadu.

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