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Dear Children of God

Happily appreciating your interest in knowing God through internet and In thismoment I invite you to this web page with an immense pleasure.

Let me tell you a small story to justify how our heavenly father lead us to shining light from darkness which arose because of sin.

Once upon a time a poor man got an opportunity to travel in ship. He took few dresses , slices of bread and started his journey enthusiastically.But after few days he become very sad .One passenger noiced him and enquired the reason for his sadness.The poor man replied that “I am very hungry because I doesn’t have any food and money”. On hearing this the passenger asked him to show his ticket , After seeing the ticket he told to poor man “oh my gentle man actually you have an offer for your ticket so you can have your food at free of cost throughout your journey”. In the same manner our ZGM team tries to releive people from darkness and helping them to turn their paths towardsheaven.

we are eagerly waiting to know about you. kindly send your Name,E-mail address or telephone number through contact us page link. So that we can update you about the different events of ZGM.

You can also send your prayer requests through prayer request page as we are ready to pray for you...


Spiritual Awakening

The Good News

Every creation in this world is created through God’s word. Lord's word is so powerful. The Lord who does awesome things in your life is granting good news which is before you..............

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Eye Opener

Than all other birds, EAGLES have extraordinary vision which enable them to gather their prey easily and can recognize their enemies so perfectly. Likewise the following words are kept for your eyes as a special one which will help you to find your enemy and defeat him. It will also help you to find and enjoy your blessings..........

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Testimonial Note

Are you so depressed, sad and hopeless? Here are the testimonies before you which fill you with hope..........

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Promise of the Year

My Kindness shall not depart from thee, neither shall the covenant of my peace be removed

  • Isaiah 54:10

Everlasting Kindness will I have mercy on thee

  • Isaiah 54:8

  • 1. They shall be established.
  • 2. They shall be multiplied.
  • 3. Among them I shall establish My Holy sanctuary.
  • 4. My tabernacle shall be in the midst of them.
  • 5. I will be their God.
  • 6. They shall be my people.
  • 7. My Holy sanctuary shall be in the midst of them.
  • Ezekiel 37:26-27

Do Not Alter the Very Principium of the Church

  • Zion Gospel Ministry
  •   81/1A, Ashoka Nagar,
         M M D A Colony, Arumbakkam
         Chennai - 600 106
  •   +91 91766 22023 / +91 94442 73169
  •   ziongospelministry@gmail.com

About ZGM

Zion Gospel Ministry is a church that believes in Father, Son, and Holy Spirit and loves God and people. We have a heart for going forward in the dream of God that he meant for this church with more passionate, and are on a mission to see God’s kingdom established across the Tamil Nadu.

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